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AKA protocol, the LDAP of Ethereum

The AKA protocol and AKAP registry smart contract, deployed on Ethereum networks, provide features similar to LDAP but for smart contracts. Details provided in our whitepaper and documentation.

Leverage AKAP best practice to:

  • Ensuring correct contract address references across any number of smart contracts
  • Sharing configuration items among several contracts without needing to duplicate storage
  • Atomically updating reference data with a single transaction, avoiding slow change propagation
  • Protect yourself from accidentally forgetting to update a reference when leveraging the registry

Any dapp or smart contract that need to hold configuration, use external references or look up data can benefit from using AKAP.

Browse the network

The AKAP system consists of nodes placed in a directed acyclic graph, allowing for a full range of simple to complex setups, depending on your needs. Use the AKAP browser to navigate, claim, and manage these AKAP nodes.

All AKAP nodes represent tokens, and can be managed, owned and transferred according to the ERC-721 standard.

Getting started

The AKA Protocol Registry Contract is deployed and ready for use. You can find the contract on address 0xaacCAAB0E85b1EfCEcdBA88F4399fa6CAb402349 as is available on Goerli, Rinkeby, Kovan, Ropsten, and Mainnet.